Parkinson’s Treatment Options – 4 Things to Consider

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Parkinson’s Treatment – Options You Should Be Aware of

Parkinson’s disease is a horrible thing that attacks many humans today. This disease is incurable. It attacks nerve cells that affect every part of the body. People with Parkinson’s disease suffer from muscle spasm, tremors, and shakes. While there is no cure for these symptoms there are Parkinson’s treatment options available. Doctor’s may recommend physical therapy, surgery, drug therapy, or exercise as Parkinson’s treatment options.  Consider the following options if you or someone you love suffers from this debilitating disease.

Parkinson’s Treatment – Physical Therapy

In the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease many doctors do not want to prescribe medications. Medications can lose their effect after several years of use. Therefore, doctors prefer to prescribe natural treatments such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or exercise.  In many cases these Parkinson’s treatment options will prolong the onset of the disease. Stretches and exercises can often help muscles from become stiff and having spasms. These treatments help prolong mobility and movement.

Parkinson’s Treatment – Drug Therapy

Parkinsons-Treatment11As Parkinson’s disease progresses there are drugs that can help with muscle spasms, constipation, and pain that is associated with the disease. In most cases doctors will start a patient on the lowest dose possible and the fewest drugs. This will allow for increases and additions as the disease progresses.  There are also experimental drug therapies that are available. Your participation in these clinical trials will depend on the stage of your disease and your doctor’s recommendation.  The most common drug used to treat Parkinson’s is Levodopa. This drug can provide relief for many years. However, after five years some people experience complications such as uncontrollable movement.

Changes in Lifestyle

Many people find that a change in lifestyle can help with the pain associated with Parkinson’s.  Slow down and limit the stress on your body. Changes in diet have also proven very effective. Man people need a high fiber diet balanced with many fruits and vegetables. There are also activities that you can perform differently. For example, if you take small bites, eat moist foods, and avoid hard or crunchy foods you will have fewer problems with digestion. Avoiding sugar has also shown to reduce the amount of drooling that occurs.

Surgery Options

Surgery is a last option for most doctors to consider. While this Parkinson’s treatment may provide relief for some patients it may not work for others. Deep brain stimulation is one option for patients that have severe Parkinson’s disease.  In some people the surgery provides long term relief while other people experience no effect at all.

As you can see there are many Parkinson’s treatment options available. Your doctor can help you along each stage of the disease to choose which option is right for you based on your behavior. Those with an early diagnosis of Parkinson’s can complete small steps that may lessen the severity of Parkinson’s in the long run. Only your doctor can tell you which option is best. However, following his or her advice will provide relief that you need. These four options are just the beginning in treatment options.

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